The Restoration Project

disegno del ponte

Intervention criteria and project approach

The project to restore Rialto Bridge is based on the undisputed historical, architectural and constructional value of the bridge and its importance as he heart and symbol of Venice.

The common objective is the restoration, maintenance and overall requalification of the monument, with the involvement of the owners of the shops on the bridge. This unique architectural restoration project aims to salvage the bridge respecting the changes occurred throughout its lifetime.

Where possible, restorers plan to preserve the original materials as much as possible by intervening only where strictly necessary to stop natural degrade and give it back its original look.

The scope of the project does not include removing all signs of degrade, but will involve less drastic interventions that will take into account the natural evolution of the bridge, which requires continuous maintenance to protect its integrity and preserve its look for future generations to enjoy.

Architectural project overview

progetto architettonico

To describe all the interventions included in the restoration works, the monument was catalogued by architectural elements, arch/shops/shrines/miscellaneous, using the names on the original documents found in the historic archives.

Each architectural element was then catalogued based on its components and each component was described considering construction elements, material used, status and general restoration interventions.

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The project to preserve the materials

progetto architettonico

The interventions on the bridge are all aimed to preserve the materials and what remains of the historical treatments. The objective is to remove any noxious elements, stop all degradation processes and prevent any new or reoccurring alterations and material degrade.

To describe each intervention, specialist reports, general and detailed graphical reproductions and technical information cards have been prepared for each restoration task and each material involved.

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The project to preserve the structure

progetto architettonico

The structural survey of the Bridge, carried out during the initial phases of the project, revealed that the arch is in sound condition; it remains efficient and apt to bear weight loads in compliance with current regulations, all thanks to the skill and expertise with which the Bridge was built and despite the uneven ground on which its abutments are resting.

The results of the critical survey carried out on the structure of the shops show that they require modest, effective reinforcements to the arches at the height of the springers. Monitoring will continue during the entire duration of the works.

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