Guided Tours

of Rialto Bridge’s restoration site

Starting from October 2015, guided tours will take place every last Friday of each month. The tours for a total of 5 groups will be organised on the scheduled dates.

Special requests:
Schools and associations will be able to request class/group visits on the dates provided. Approximately 2 hours of each day will be dedicated to groups who have booked a visit.

In 2016, visits will take place on:

– 29 January
– 26 February
– 25 March
– 29 April

Participants: Max 12 people per group. Classes of students will be divided in smaller groups and will take turns to visit the site.

Guided tours last approximately 45 minutes per group.

The visit:

Visitors will register and sign their consent to the visit.
– All participants will be provided with safety helmets and disposable under helmet caps.
Protective paper suits will be available upon request.
– A brief introduction, summarising the restoration work –
sponsor, project and work phases –
will take place on-site.
– The visit will continue on the scaffolding, where the ongoing work will be explained. All the restoration techniques performed by Ati operators will be explained.

For security reasons, visitors will not be allowed to climb up ladders.



Each participant will be required to fill in a form with their details, name telephone number and email address.
Please be reminded that to access the restoration site visitors must comply with the required dress code (trousers and closed, flat shoes).

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Cancellation Procedure

If you want to cancel your visit for any reason, please send us an email at with subject: booking cancellation. Please include your full name and reservation date.